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IDPH Says Masks No Longer Required for IHSA Athletes Competing in Baseball, Other Low-Risk Sports

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The Illinois High School Association’s board of directors announced Tuesday that the Illinois Department of Health has eliminated a requirement for mask-wearing among athletes competing in low-risk outdoor sports, including track and field and baseball.

According to an IHSA press release, the decision impacts athletes competing in several in-season sports, including baseball, bass fishing, softball, tennis and track.

Officials involved in the aforementioned sports must continue to wear masks. Athletes who are not actively competing, including those sitting on the bench, must also wear masks, according to the new IDPH guidance.

Mask-wearing must continue in all moderate and higher-risk outdoor sports, including soccer, football, rugby, and lacrosse, according to the guidance.

The IDPH also made a recommendation for COVID-19 testing for athletes competing in high-risk sports. The state of Illinois will fund optional testing for school teams who wish to test their teams, according to health officials. Those sports include football, boys’ lacrosse and wrestling.

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