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Here's Who Can Get the COVID Vaccine at the United Center Site

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A total of nine Chicago ZIP codes can continue to book coronavirus vaccination appointments at the United Center, following an announcement from officials Saturday.

According to the mayor's office, the four new ZIP codes added to the eligibility list are on Chicago's South and West Sides in an effort to increase vaccinations in neighborhood with a "high COVID-19 burden."

Here are the nine ZIP codes that can book COVID-19 vaccine appointments at the United Center:

  • 60649
  • 60608
  • 60652
  • 60620
  • 60619
  • 60624
  • 60644
  • 60651
  • 60653

Newly added ZIP codes are bolded in the list above.

Some neighborhoods in the ZIP codes listed above include: East Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, Lawndale, University Village, Bridgeport, Brighton Park, Little Village, McKinley Park, Lawndale, Armour Square, Pilsen, Ashburn, Gresham, Auburn Gresham, Scottsdale, West Lawn, Wrightwood, Marquette Park, Beverly, Chatham, West Chatham, Englewood, Brainerd, Park Manor, Avalon Park, Burnside, Calumet Heights, Grand Crossing, South Shore, Longwood Manor and Roseland.

Coronavirus vaccination appointments at the United Center are being scheduled strictly for nine Chicago ZIP codes on the city's South and West Sides.

Chicago officials said the appointments are going to communities "most impacted by the outbreak and those with low rates of vaccination," reminding that the United Center mass vaccination location was chosen due to its optimal accessibility.

Since limiting vaccination appointments to select ZIP codes, 75% of appointments scheduled at the United Center have gone to Black, Latinx and Asian residents, according to officials.

An online booking platform, including a voucher code, is being shared with members of these ZIP codes, according to officials. For those attempting to book without a voucher, the appointment will be canceled.

Vaccinations will be offered at no cost and insurance is not required, nor will it be requested at the site.

Majority of vaccination appointments at the United Center mass vaccination site, she said, should be going to Chicago and suburban Cook County residents.

"We're aiming for 60% of the vaccine appointments to go to city of Chicago residents, 30% to go to suburban Cook residents and 10% to go to Illinois residents who live outside of suburban Cook County," Arwady said.

The United Center mass vaccination site remains open for Illinois seniors as well as Chicago residents who qualify under the Phase 1B Plus guidelines, excluding smokers.

The list of qualifying high-risk medical conditions currently under Phase 1B Plus includes:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • Immunosuppressed states from a solid organ transplant
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Pulmonary diseases
  • Sickle cell disease

The expansion applies to those 16 and older who weren't otherwise covered in previous eligibility categories, the state said.

That's in addition to the health care workers and long-term care facility staff and residents who qualified in Phase 1A of the state's rollout as well as the frontline essential workers and residents age 65 and older who were eligible at the start of Phase 1B, which included more than 3.2 million Illinois residents.

Here's a look at those who already qualified under Phase 1B:

  • Residents age 65 and over
  • Frontline essential workers, which means "residents who carry a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure because of their work duties, often because they are unable to work from home, and/or they must work closely to others without being able to socially distance. This includes:
    • First responders: Fire, law enforcement, 911 workers, security persPDonnel, school officers
    • Education: Teachers, principals, student support, student aids, day care worker
    • Food and agriculture: Processing, plants, veterinary health, livestock services, animal care
    • Manufacturing: Industrial production of good for distribution to retail, wholesale or other manufactures
    • Corrections workers and inmates: Jail officers, juvenile facility staff, workers providing in-person support, inmatesU
    • USPS workers
    • Public transit workers: Flight crew, bus drivers, train conductors, taxi drivers, para-transit drivers, in-person support, ride sharing services
    • Grocery store workers: Baggers, cashiers, stockers, pickup, customer service
    • Shelters and day care staff: Homeless shelter, women’s shelter, adult day/drop-in program, sheltered workshop, psycho-social rehab

For a complete look at where and how you can make an appointment in Illinois or where you can receive vaccine information for your area, click here.

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