DIY St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Amid Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic calls for creativity this holiday season

Getty Images

The coronavirus global crisis has caused numerous St. Patrick's Day parades and celebrations to be canceled in the United States, including parades in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City, and a growing number of states and cities have closed restaurants and bars, but that hasn't stopped revelers with enjoying the Irish holiday.

Although the practice of social distancing has led to an unprecedented number of people staying at home, many are still celebrating the Irish holiday and taking to social media to show how they are.

Numerous social media users shared images of a rainbow that appeared in Los Angeles, and commented it was fitting for a beautiful St. Patrick's Day morning.

From band members playing musical instruments at a visible distance, to parading at home, to making green eggs, to creating home movies, here's some of the ways people are making St. Patrick's Day a do-it-yourself holiday at home this year.

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