Covid Is Surging in Europe. Experts Say It's a Warning for the U.S.

U.S. states could look at Europe and take it as “a sign that the U.S. might still see resurgences as well,” evolutionary biologist Tom Wenseleers said

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As Europe finds itself at the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic once again, experts say it should serve as a “warning” to the U.S. and other countries about the virus’ “unremitting” nature. 

Countries across the continent have seen cases soar. October saw a rise of more than 50 percent, and the worrying trend has continued this month as winter begins to bite.

Dr. Hans Kluge, the director of the World Health Organization’s Europe region, on Nov. 4 warned the region was "back at the epicenter of the pandemic," and his words proved prescient. 

On Friday, the World Health Organization said nearly 2 million cases were reported across Europe in the week prior — the most the region has seen in a single week since the pandemic began.

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