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COVID-19 by the Numbers: Coronavirus Metrics From Each of Illinois' Healthcare Regions

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Coronavirus metrics continue to be a mixed bag across the state, with some regions moving in the right direction in several key areas, while others continue to monitor limited hospital bed availability and other challenges.

In order for a region to move out of Tier 3 mitigations, the following metrics must be met:

-A positivity rate of 12% or lower for three consecutive days.

-Hospital bed and ICU bed availability of greater than 20% for three straight days.

-Decreases in hospitalizations seven days in a 10 day span.

Here are the latest metrics from around the state, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health:

Region 1 (Northwest Illinois):

Positivity rates dropped in the region to 14.6% with hospital bed availability (24.1%) decreasing and ICU bed availability (22.2%) also decreasing. Hospitalizations continued their slow decline, dropping from 235 to 232 patients as of the latest data from IDPH.

Region 2 (West-Central Illinois):

The positivity rate in this region dropped, as well, sitting at 13.3% as of Dec. 6. Hospital bed availability has dropped slightly to 20.8%, with ICU bed availability remains below the 20% threshold at 15.8%.

Region 3 (West Illinois):

After a slight increase, this region’s positivity rate dropped Dec. 6 to 10.3%. ICU bed availability, which had risen the last three days, has decreased in the last 24 hours, now sitting at 14.5%. Overall hospitalizations have continued to drop, while hospital bed availability has decreased over the last two days.

Region 4 (Southwest Illinois):

Positivity rates remained at 15.1% as of Dec. 6, but hospital bed availability (15.6%) and ICU bed availability (18.6%) both dropped in the last 24 hours. Hospitalizations also decreased from 211 to 207.

Region 5 (South Illinois):

Positivity rates rose to 13.2% Dec. 6 in this southern Illinois region. Hospital bed availability (35.8%) and ICU bed availability (17.9%) have both decreased over the past day, with hospitalizations also dropping to 156.

Region 6 (East-Central Illinois):

To start this week, positivity rates rose to 12%. With the University of Illinois saliva coronavirus test, this region would be sitting at 6.1%, the lowest in the state. ICU bed availability (28.3%) and hospital bed availability (25.5%) remain above the 20% threshold, while the region’s hospitalization rates have slowly decreased since Dec. 2.

Region 7 (Will, Kankakee counties):

This region has seen hospitalizations steadily drop since the end of November, with hospital bed availability (18.9%) and ICU bed availability (23.5%) also decreasing over 24 hours. The region’s positivity rate, which had been on a slow decline, remained at 15.4% on Dec. 6.

Region 8 (Kane, DuPage counties):

Positivity rates rose for the second day in a row to 13.5% on Dec. 6. ICU bed availability has continued to drop, falling to 17.6%, while hospital bed availability also dropped to 15.2%. Hospitalizations overall have decreased since late November.

Region 9 (McHenry, Lake counties):

The positivity rate in this region rose to 12.4%, while the ICU bed availability (28.2%) and hospital bed availability (20%) are both over or at the 20% threshold. The region also hit an important milestone Dec. 1, as hospitalizations have decreased for nine consecutive days.

Region 10 (Suburban Cook County):

The region’s positivity rate rose back up to 12.8% as of Dec. 6. Hospital bed availability (19.6%) and ICU bed availability (16.4%) rates have both dropped. The region has seen hospitalizations decrease since late November.

Region 11 (Chicago):

The positivity rate increased slightly on Dec. 6, rising to 12.7%. ICU bed availability (20.4%) and hospital bed availability (18.9%) are inching upward, while the region has seen decreases in hospitalizations each of the last eight days.

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