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Coronavirus in Illinois: State Sets New Testing High, Chicago Steps Up Enforcement

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Nearly 3,000 new cases of coronavirus were reported across Illinois Sunday, but Governor J.B. Pritzker also announced that the state set a new single-day high in COVID-19 tests.

Even with that accomplishment, Pritzker and other officials are left trying to deal with large groups of people violating social distancing guidelines and the state’s “stay-at-home” order. In Chicago, police were forced to break up several large parties, and one party ended in gunfire as five teens were shot while standing outside of a gathering.

Here are the latest headlines from around the state for Sunday (May 3):

Illinois Reports 2,994 Cases of Coronavirus

Illinois’ coronavirus case total surged to 61,499 on Sunday, but the state also announced that it had performed nearly 20,000 coronavirus tests over the last 24 hours, setting a new single-day high as the state tries to gain ground in fighting the virus.

In all, 19,417 coronavirus test results were returned Sunday, with 2,994 cases diagnosed, according to figures. That represents a continuing decline in the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests, a good sign in the state’s fight against the disease.

The state also reported 63 additional deaths, bringing the death toll to 2,618 since the pandemic began.

Pritzker Dismisses Fears That Strings May be Attached to New Federal Funding

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has been among a vocal group of executives calling on the federal government to pass a coronavirus relief bill to help states cover budget shortfalls caused by the virus, but he is less-than-enthusiastic about such a bill coming with political strings attached.

During his daily coronavirus press briefing Sunday, Pritzker was asked about comments made by Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser, that indicated that a new round of coronavirus relief funding could be impacted by whether states have “sanctuary cities.”

“As you know, the president has from time to time spoken about linking that (funding) sanctuary cities,” Kudlow said during an appearance on CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’ “I don’t think anything has been decided yet.”

Pritzker responded by saying he hopes officials will “leave politics” out of the equation, and that lawmakers should focus on helping the states who have been impacted most by the pandemic.

Chicago Continues Stepped Up Enforcement of Stay-at-Home Edicts

Although Chicago police did not conduct any arrests or issue any citations on Saturday night and into Sunday morning, they still were called to several large gatherings, which were held in defiance of the state’s “stay-at-home” order.

One of those gatherings ended in gunfire, as five teens were shot outside of a Lawndale party.

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