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Coronavirus by the Numbers: COVID-19 Metrics in Each of Illinois' 11 Healthcare Regions

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With Illinois healthcare regions allowed to potentially move forward from Tier 3 mitigations beginning Friday, at least three regions are poised to see an easing of restrictions amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Region 2, located in west-central Illinois, is one of the three regions currently poised to have Tier 3 mitigations rolled back, as is Region 3, located in western Illinois.

Region 7, comprised of Will and Kankakee counties, is also set to roll back restrictions beginning Friday.

In order to roll back restrictions, a region must meet the following criteria:

-A seven-day positivity rate of 12% or lower for three consecutive days

-Hospital and ICU bed availability of 20% or greater for three consecutive days

-Decreases in hospitalizations on at least seven of the preceding 10 days

Two other healthcare regions could potentially be close to rolling back restrictions. In Region 5, located in far southern Illinois, ICU bed availability is currently at 21.6%, and has been above 20% for the last two days. If it remains at that level for a third straight day, it would be eligible to roll back restrictions.

Region 8, comprised of Kane and DuPage counties, is also close, with its hospital bed availability currently at 25%. One more day above the 20% threshold would be enough for the region to move forward.

Here is where things stand in Illinois:

Region 1 (Northwest Illinois):

Positivity Rate: 9.1% (decreasing)

Hospital Beds: 28.4% (increasing)

ICU Beds: 25.1% (increasing)

Hospitalizations: 6/10 days decreasing

Region 2 (West-Central Illinois):

Positivity Rate: 8.8% (decreasing)

Hospital Beds: 26.6% (increasing)

ICU Beds: 25.1% (decreasing)

Hospitalizations: 9/10 days decreasing

Region 3 (West Illinois):

Positivity Rate: 7.5% (decreasing)

Hospital Beds: 23.2% (steady)

ICU Beds: 26.4% (increasing)  

Hospitalizations: 8/10 days decreasing

Region 4 (Southwest Illinois):

Positivity Rate: 11.5% (decreasing)

Hospital Beds: 11.9% (steady)

ICU Beds: 18.2% (increasing)

Hospitalizations: 4/10 days decreasing

Region 5 (South Illinois):

Positivity Rate: 9.1% (decreasing)

Hospital Beds: 35.5% (steady)

ICU Beds: 21.6% (increasing)

Hospitalizations: 7/10 days decreasing

Region 6 (East-Central Illinois):

Positivity Rate: 9.2% (decreasing)

Hospital Beds: 24.5% (increasing)

ICU Beds: 34.2% (increasing)

Hospitalizations: 4/10 days decreasing

Region 7 (Will, Kankakee counties):

Positivity Rate: 11% (steady)

Hospital Beds: 25.7% (increasing)

ICU Beds: 26.7% (increasing)

Hospitalizations: 7/10 days decreasing

Region 8 (DuPage, Kane counties):

Positivity Rate: 10.4% (steady)

Hospital Beds: 25% (increasing)

ICU Beds: 24.1% (steady)

Hospitalizations: 9/10 days decreasing

Region 9 (McHenry, Lake counties):

Positivity Rate: 10% (steady)

Hospital Beds: 19% (increasing)

ICU Beds: 24.9% (steady)

Hospitalizations: 5/10 days decreasing

Region 10 (Suburban Cook County):

Positivity Rate: 9.8% (decreasing)

Hospital Beds: 19.9% (increasing)

ICU Beds: 23.1% (steady

Hospitalizations: 10/10 days decreasing

Region 11 (Chicago):

Positivity Rate: 10.1% (decreasing)

Hospital Beds: 18.3% (increasing)

ICU Beds: 27.8% (increasing)

Hospitalizations: 10/10 days decreasing

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