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Chicago Administers 1M COVID Vaccine Doses, Marking Pandemic Milestone Saturday

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Chicago health officials have administered 1 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine as of Saturday, marking a major pandemic milestone.

Over the past three months, vaccinations have continued to increase across city sites as Chicago officials cite a dedication to vaccine equity.

"It's a testament to the incredible work of all the public health professionals, volunteers, healthcare workers and community partners throughout this great city who have worked to set up a comprehensive distribution system that always puts equity first," a release said.

According to health officials, 18% of vaccine doses were going to Black or Latinx Chicago residents early in the rollout process. Based on recent data, 55% of vaccine doses are now going to Black or Latinx Chicagoans.

Chicago officials announced Wednesday that the city will move into Phase 1C, which includes all remaining essential workers as well as all adults with qualifying health conditions, as planned on March 29.

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Because Chicago receives its supply of vaccine from the federal government allocated separately from the state, the city operates on its own framework and timetable and will not operate on the same timeframe expanding eligibility to all adults with the rest of the state on April 12.

Chicago officials have estimated that the city would enter Phase 2, which opens eligibility to all Chicagoans age 16 and older, on May 31, though that timeline puts the city behind both the state and Biden's deadline of May 1.

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