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By the Numbers: Coronavirus Metrics in Each of Illinois' Healthcare Regions

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The state of Illinois has seen 10 of its 11 healthcare regions trigger additional coronavirus mitigation strategies, and now that number would now appear to be on the rise again as Region 2 has seen its metrics exceed state limits for a third consecutive day.

Region 2, which includes Peoria, has seen its positivity rates go above 8% for three consecutive days, which would trigger additional mitigation rules under the state’s coronavirus strategy.

As things stand Sunday, all 11 healthcare regions have a rolling positivity rate of over 8%, with many also facing the possibility of surging hospital admissions as cases continue to climb throughout the state.

Here is where things stand as of Sunday:

Region 1 (Northwest Illinois):

This region was moved to Tier 2 restrictions last week, further minimizing gathering size and other restrictions, and it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon. The region did see a slightly reduction in positivity rate Sunday, but is still at 13.5%, with hospitalizations slowly increasing in the region.

Region 2 (Central-Western Illinois):

For the third consecutive day, this region posted a positivity rate above 8%, meaning that it will see increased mitigations later this week. Hospitalizations are also rising in the region, with Grundy, Kendall, and LaSalle counties all seeing rapid increases in positivity rates.

Region 3 (Western Illinois):

In just one week, this region, which includes Springfield, has gone up from a 7.5% positivity rate to 10.5%. The availability of hospital beds remains within state parameters, but 27% of ICU beds are currently opening as the region looks to curb the spread of the virus.  

Region 4 (Southwestern Illinois):

While other regions see rapid spikes in positivity rates, this region is seeing a much slower increase, with the number bumping up to 9.1% on Sunday. Hospitalizations are on a similar steady track, but a 28% hospital bed availability rate is worth monitoring.

Region 5 (Southern Illinois):

This region saw a dramatic dip in positivity rate Sunday, dropping to 9.5%, but before that had seen the rate increase on six of seven days as they hit the threshold for restrictions.

Region 6 (Eastern Illinois):

The positivity rate in this region has continued to climb, rising to 9.3% as of Sunday. Hospitalizations have remained largely steady, with 33% of beds available in the event of a surge.

Region 7 (Will, Kankakee counties):  

This region is seeing hospitalizations increase each of the last five days, with a corresponding rise in positivity rates, as the region is now standing at 11.4%. While Will County had largely been driving that increase, with a seven-day average of 12%, Kankakee is slowly on the rise too, rising to 8.9% on Sunday.

Region 8 (DuPage, Kane counties):

Hospitalization rates in this region are soaring, increasing each of the last 10 days. The surge availability of hospital beds is at 23%, near the state’s 20% threshold. That is accompanied by another increase in the positivity rate, which now stands at 10.6%.

Region 9 (McHenry, Lake counties):

Surge availability of hospital beds and ICU beds has remained mostly consistent here, but positivity rates continued their climb Sunday, rising to 9.7%, and hospital admissions have increased each of the last six days in the region.

Region 10 (Cook County):

Hospitalizations here have continued a dramatic rise, going up nine of the last 10 days, and hospital bed availability in the event of a surge in cases is at just 22%. The positivity rate is also up to 9.3% in this region.

Region 11 (Chicago):

This region is continuing to see increased hospitalizations, and the region’s positivity rate continued its steady climb, rising to 9% on Sunday.

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