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At Least 11 Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19 at Lake County Jail, Officials Say

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Officials in suburban Lake County are closely monitoring a coronavirus outbreak in one of the county jail’s residential pods, as at least 11 inmates have tested positive for the virus.

According to officials, an inmate first began to show symptoms of COVID-19 on April 30 in one of the jail’s residential pods. That inmate was moved to the jail’s medical pod. On the same day, a newly remanded inmate tested positive on intake at the jail, and was also moved to the pod, according to officials.

Over the next five days, all inmates in the residential pod were tested, and nine ultimately tested positive for the virus, according to officials. All inmates who tested positive are either non-symptomatic or are experiencing mild symptoms at this time.

All inmates who tested positive have either been moved to the jail’s medical wing or a quarantine wing at this time, officials say. All inmates who did not test positive for the virus in the residential pod will remain there, and no more inmates will be allowed into the pod until “quarantine status” is lifted.

To date, 78 inmates at the jail have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine, and all inmates who arrive at the jail are given the opportunity to receive the vaccine. All inmates arriving at the jail receive rapid COVID tests, and are placed into a 10-day hold before being placed in a residential pod, according to officials.

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