Carrie Austin

Ald. Carrie Austin Announces She Has COVID-19 in Letter to Residents

Austin said she is "doing well" and is "currently progressing toward full recovery"


Chicago Ald. Carrie Austin revealed in a letter to residents of the 34th Ward that she has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Austin said she is "doing well" and is "currently progressing toward full recovery."

Austin's office remains open and she wrote that her "commitment to providing the available service during these trying times has not and will not waver."

"We are humbled that though we were inconvenienced, we are recovering from the regrettable looting as well as on track to reopening businesses based on the state's and city's recommended guidelines," she wrote.

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Austin thanked those who reached out to check on her health and said the "acts of kindness were warmly appreciated."

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted Monday she's "keeping Alderman Carrie Austin and the rest of her family in my prayers."

"Alderman Austin is a fighter and I'm hoping for her to have a swift recovery," the tweet read.

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