Why You Really, Really Need a Technical Co-Founder

Back in October, I interviewed GiveForward's Ethan Austin on the topic mentioned in the headline, but just to prove he and we know what we're talking about, a story popped up on Business Insider on Thursday that once again drives that point home.

This time it's New York Tech Meetup Nate Westheimer banging that particular war drum. Among other things, he's currently working with Threadless co-founder Jacob Dehart on an undisclosed project, so what he says also applies to the Chicago market.

As a non-technical founder of startups and other endeavors, Westheimer admits that people like himself are destined to create inferior products that, basically, slowly fail. It takes a big man to admit he's screwed up, but to concede he'll eventually fail? That takes a colossal man. Or woman.

If you too want to be a big person -- that sounds weird -- then take a look at the advice Westheimer gave to Business Insider for other non-technical founders:

• If you think you don't need to learn to code, think again.
• If you don't learn to code, accept that you won't be as successful.
• Have an idea in mind when you start learning to code.
• Don't focus on coding "the right way."
• Books are still the best way to learn.

Read more over at Business Insider.

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