White Castle Gives Away “Free Lunch” This Week

Do you want that feeling? That feeling that only comes when you get exactly what you desire. Do you need that feeling?

Now you can follow Harold and Kumar to White Castle – for free.

The burger company’s street teams began passing out 100,000 “free lunch” brown paper bags on Saturday, QSR Web reported. Each White Castle bag can be redeemed for three single cheeseburgers, a regular fries, and a small soda.

The only catch is that the sacks must be redeemed this Monday through Wednesday. On March 5th the promotion is over.

Besides filling your stomachs, White Castle plans to donate up to $25,000 to the children’s hunger charity Share Our Strength. They hope reach 75,000 of the -- chew on this -- estimated 12.4 million kids at risk of hunger in America.

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