Want to Improve Chicago Living? Apps for Metro Contest

Danni Rivera

Four governmental agencies. Over 175 data sets. $50,000 in awards. Real time technical assistance. Connecting communities with software developers. That’s how “The Apps for Metro Chicago, IL competition” describes its #opengov software challenge.

The judges are looking for apps that are built with the input and support of not-for-profits, community organizations and businesses. Any and all software applications are eligible, as long as they’re for a platform widely available to the public like the interwebs, smart phones, and SMS.
The key to winning this contest, according to the competition website, is to demonstrate the creation of something useful for the community. The goal is to increase government transparency through the building of software applications that are creative, useful, and designed for long-term impact. 
Two personal favorites and great ideas on the website, grammar excluded:
Someone please build an app that helps people figure out what ward they are in. Bonus points if you explain what kinds of things people should go to their Aldermen about.” 
"I have an idea for an app but don't know how to develop it. The app would report bad taxi drivers: ones that blantantly disobey traffic rules, are driving dangerously, or any other violations or complaints. This could incorporate GPS and picture uploads, fill in the taxi #, company, automatically date/time stamp, submit GPS location, and submit the info to the City of Chicago as a complaint."
List your complaints about Chicago, and ways to improve our urban lifestyles, by joining the contest. 
Submissions are due for the “transportation round” on August 19 and public voting closes on August 25. SocialDevCamp begins the following day.
Go here for more info about the contest. 
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