Third Annual One Web Day Starts Monday

Where will you be during the third annual celebration of One Web Day, set for this Monday September 22, 2008? Devouring all things Internetastic, we presume.

Of course, if we do our job right, every day feels like One Web Day. But if you tend to get extra comfortable with the applications and entertainment you encounter on a routine basis, next week comes your chance to toast the tubes and the dump trucks of data they send your way.

One Web Day, the creation of University of Michigan law professor Susan Crawford, is indeed the official tip-your-hat-to-networking day, a moment first coined in 2006 to recognize our greater-than-ever need for ethernet, Wi-Fi, and the cloudware we all know and love. As Crawford states, “Peoples’ lives now are as dependent on the Internet as they are on the basics like roads, energy supplies and running water. We can no longer take that for granted and we must advocate for the Internet politically, and support its vitality personally.”

So, how to ring in OWD number three? Well, you can do it right there, from your laptop, PC, mobile phone, or other Web-enabled device. You can also take a trip through Silicon Valley. Or Silicon Alley. Or several other hotbeds for digital imagineering and inventioneering.

Or, more specifically, you can stop by:
Washington Square Park in New York City at noon on Monday to see faces like WNBC notable and Columbia University’s Journalism School professor Sree Sreenivasan, Pandora founder Tim Westergren, Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig, Craig Newmark of Craiglist, as well as folks from EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), and Susan Crawford herself.

The nation’s capital, Washington D.C., where Net notables will gather with members of Congress to bury a time capsule and talk about our tubes.

San Francisco’s Department of Technology will orchestrate SF Connect, a volunteer project “to bring residents in public housing online with wireless Internet and donated computer equipment with the help of Free the Net and Meraki wireless.”

Chicagoans get treated to a music seminar at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

People in Cincinnati will be able to attend a town meeting of sorts called “The Next President, the Internet and the Disconnected City.” Representatives of the Obama and McCain campaigns will be in attendance, with Public Knowledge co-founder Gigi Sohn speaking for Barack Obama and former FCC Chairman Michael Powell acting as messenger for John McCain.

Jumping eastward across the Atlantic, residents of Oxford, England can get schooled on starting blogs and view a photo exhibit featuring Iranian bloggers.

Londoners get two hints at where to get their OWD fix: Inn 1888 and The Royal Exchange.

In Israel, the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) will be conducting three days of open workshops. The ISOC website has the details.
Curious to know if events are being held anyplace else? Just visit the One Web Day Wiki.

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