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Billy Corgan Appears in Walter E. Smithe Commercial

Smashing Pumpkins front man teaches furniture-focused brothers a lesson in musical chairs etiquette



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    The Smithe brothers learn what happens when a childhood game of musical chairs turns ugly in their new commercial featuring Billy Corgan.

    In the commercial for Itasca-based Walter E. Smithe furniture, the Smashing Pumpkins front man teaches the brothers a lesson in musical chairs etiquette.

    After Corgan is pushed out of his seat by one of the Smithe brothers, he calls upon some Resistance Pro wrestlers for assistance.

    The brothers and wrestlers throw around some punches, flips and power slams until one wrestler threatens to crash a chair over one Smithe’s head.

    In that moment Corgan protests, shouting, "It’s a Walter E. Smithe chair."

    The commercial ends with the wrestlers and Corgan reveling in their victory as the "you dream it, we build it" jingle plays.

    Corgan did the commercial in lieu of a $50,000 charity donation to PAWS Chicago.

    Walter E. Smithe has a long-running reputation for staging pop culture parodies for their commercials. During one of their most memorable commercials, the Smithe brothers planned to rename Wrigley Field to Walter E. Smithe Field. The commercial included the tag line "Change the Name, Change the Luck" and an appearance by Harry Caray’s wife Dutchie Caray.

    Corgan, an avid wrestling fan, co-founded the Resistance Pro wrestling company in 2011 and serves as its creative director.


    The commercial will begin airing Sunday during Oscar red carpet shows and will run through March, according to the Chicago Tribune.