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Test Your Financial Knowledge



    How smart are you about financial myths? Should you change your oil every 3,000 miles? Should you buy accidental death insurance? (Published Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010)

    Leaner times make for eaner budgets. But are you really making the right financial decisions when it comes to everyday spending?

    How about a "Pop Quiz?"   There’s nothing like a test to tell you how much you really know, or don't know, about your finances.

    We found a quiz from financial website Kiplinger.com.

    Questions range from whether its worth the money to get renters insurance to how often for an oil change and what about those warehouse buys.

    You decide whether it’s worth the cost or to save your money.

    Most folks that tried it scored a B, but more got Cs than As.  And in these times smart decisions about your money make good sense.

    Go ahead, try this quiz and others at Kiplinger.com

    Good Luck!

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