Shop Like Anna Gives Young Girls Safe Place to Network

There’s a fairly new social network-shopping service-content palace for the tween set. Based in Chicago, Shop Like Anna (after the founder’s daughter) is built for girls aged 8-15 and promises a “safe and fashionable alternative” to other sites in the field.

Visually refined from the outset, Shop Like Anna seems to be place that many in its target audience will likely latch onto. That is if its initial promotional push proves effective, of course. It has all the makings of a niche venue that could carry and grow to a popular standing among competitors. The amount of material isn’t voluminous at present, mind you. It’s more kindling than flame, really. But if security-conscious Web users - parents and children alike - want for a site that enables a rich interactive experience through a variety of features, Shop Like Anna is one player that truly seems to manage an appreciably qualitative balance.

It should be made clear: Shop Like Anna operates on a strict model. Only those in the abovementioned age bracket are optioned memberships, and for verification, the email of a parent or guardian needs to be provided in order to complete registration. Naturally, there are ways to evade the requirements when working though this process, but on the whole, the extra measure will probably ensure that the network largely remains as it originally was intended. (The team behind Shop Like Anna is also said to be in a “working relationship with the FBI.”)

At first glance, I must say it’s not easy to determine what is the core strength of Shop Like Anna. It is collectively a space for young girls to communicate, blog, share photos, and generally do what the average social networking sites allow - plus shop, read feature stories, etc. But its multifunctional framework also makes Shop Like Anna an open field of sorts, which could work to its benefit. If one aspect falls into disuse, other components can thrive and the site can still present much of its repertoire as value-added. To start, the whole of SLA works makes an impressive entry in the market, for sure. And I think it’s safe to say it may soon carry substantial staying power. Not to mention solid growth, if luck strikes center.

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