“Poaching” the Competition – Bad Taste or Good Hiring?


Groupon’s latest hire of a former Google exec has brought “poaching the competition” to light in the business world (and in many, many headlines).

Poaching can apply to small businesses, too, particularly among social media and technology-related startups. As the economy improves, the competition for talent heats up.

When your business is growing, you need a solid base of the right people. Hiring an employee from a rival firm can mean bringing on someone who already knows your industry, your business, and can bring valuable new knowledge and possibly clients.

Here are some essentials from BusinessInsider.com to revisit when you’re ready to grab the top talent from your competition:

  • Take the subtle approach – be vague and don’t give away too many details about the job. Hire a search firm if you can afford it.
  • Look before you leap – thoroughly check the background and job history of the person you want to hire.
  • Watch for legal troubles – make sure there are no non-compete agreements preventing the person from jumping ship and joining you.
  • Sell your story – make your company and its mission/product as appealing as you can.
  • Watch your back – treat your existing employees (if you have them) well so they don’t get lured by recruiters themselves.

Follow that advice and poaching employees will be easier than poaching an egg.

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