8 Chicago Startups that You Should Know

This list of startups - via The Next Web's Alex Wilhelm --ranges from student educational loans to movie selection and bar hopping. They're were all founded in the city's own backyard. While they differ in their purposes, they all utilize web, app and social media technology to interact with their users.

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The Chicago start up community doesn't begin and end with Groupon. There are plenty of other promising upstart companies. The fine folks at The Next Web collected 8 of them that you should know, and offered us the chance to display them to Inc. Well readers. Check out more TNW stories <a href = "http://thenextweb.com/us/2011/07/17/eight-chicago-startups-you-need-to-know-about/"here.
MyZeus helps users decide what movies to watch - all based upon their music preferences. The site can pull from someone's own personal music library to culminate a list of movies that contain similar artists included on a movie's soundtrack. MyZeus can also be found on Twitter.
SceneTap, an app, pulls data from different bars and restaurants throughout the city and informs users of pricing, how many people are in the bar, and even the male/female ratio inside.
SceneTap's data is gathered by the placement of camera's in many of Chicago's bars, and can be as specific as informing users of drink specials. However, the camera only pulls data and does not include pictorial evidence from Chicago's social scenes. SceneTap can also be found on Twitter.
Tabblr is a mobile app that takes user location data and suggests businesses, sales and events near a user's location. The app also allows you to "favorite" places, so that users can keep track of what is going on at a certain place they go to often. Tabblr can also be found on Twitter.
Cloudbot is a site that will allow users to more easily coordinate and organize their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Dropbox. Cloudbot also has a blog and a Twitter account.
ExpertBids serves as a database that allows its clients to get bids from lawyers, consultants or accountants that are registered within the service. The registered professionals can then have direct contact with a client for bids through the site's database.
SproutSocial allows organizations to monitor all of their social media accounts in one source, but has additional search features to help organizations interact directly with their market or audience. SproutSocial can also be found on Twitter.
EduLender is a resource for students to help consolidate and organize their educational loans, while also serving as a database so that students can compare pricing of loan lenders. EduLender can also be found on Facebook.
My Personal Shopper is a website startup that takes data from its users of what their interests are, then compiling a collection of sales and discounts at businesses relating to those interests.
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