McDonald's Is Offering a Big Mac Dipping Sauce for the First Time Ever—Here's How to Get It for Free

McDonald's is giving customers a chance to take home packets of its most iconic sauce.

Starting Thursday, April 27, the fast food giant will begin distributing its famous Big Mac Sauce in dip cups.

Unlike other popular dips like sweet and sour, BBQ and honey mustard, Big Mac Sauce has remained behind the counter at McDonald's restaurants, reserved only for the chain's signature burger.

The limited time offering comes as "fans have been asking for an extra side [of Big Mac sauce] for years," McDonald's said in a press release.

The sauce, which has had the same recipe since 1972, is a proprietary combination of mayo, mustard, relish, vinegar and seasoning.

Customers will only be able to get their hands on the 0.78oz packets of Big Mac Sauce if they order through the McDonald's mobile app.

Picture Alliance | Picture Alliance | Getty Images

The sauce will come free with any Chicken McNuggets purchase, and can also be purchased a la carte at checkout.

It's not the first time that McDonald's has done a limited edition Big Mac Sauce drop. In 2017, the burger giant announced that it would be giving away 10,000 bottles of the sauce to customers.

The giveaway started a frenzy for the bottles, with some being listed on eBay for as much as $10,000.

McDonald's Big Mac Sauce giveaway comes on the heels of its announcement that it will soon roll out a series of upgrades for its most popular menu items, including the Big Mac and McDouble.

The changes will see the burgers' buns be "softer" and more "pillowy," while the cooking process will be adjusted to achieve a better sear on each patty as well as "hotter, meltier cheese."

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