Cramer's Lightning Round: We Don't Recommend These Stocks That Don't Make Money

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  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

Exelon: "I think it's terrific. I could tell you it's a couple of bucks ahead of itself, but I think you've got a winner there."

Clean Energy: "We are in favor of companies that are actually making money now. There was a period where you could in to something and the company not make money and you'd do OK. That company's got to deliver on the earnings. It just has to."

CareTrust REIT: "If I'm going to own assisted living, I'm going to always go — even here, with the yield appreciably lower than yours— I'm going to go to Ventas. But I actually don't want to go to the group in general. It's too hard right now. Too many things can go wrong because of omicron."

Charles Schwab: "I like Schwab very much. I've been a client of Schwab. ... Morgan Stanley sells at a [price-to-earnings] multiple that is half of Schwab. I think that's why I like Morgan Stanley more, but I'm not debating Schwab as being not a great company. It is indeed a great company."

C3.AI: "We've got to understand, it's got to make money. That's the whole point. If they're not making money, we're not recommending it. We've got enough problems with the ones that are making money. We don't need the ones that aren't making money. The only one that's not making money that I really like is Snowflake."

Trade Desk: "[CEO] Jeff Green is real. That company is real. I wouldn't mind you buying more of that stock. I think it is a terrific company."

Roblox: "I like [CEO David] Baszucki. I think Baszucki is good. Now that is one of my couple metaverse names. I don't have a lot of metaverse names. That remains a solid metaverse name, and my favorite of course that we have not mentioned in like 36 hours, as I like Nvidia."

Luminar Technologies: "No, no, look, I saw there was an article in some publication saying Ford was ready for a fall. As soon as I see that I say go buy some Ford. That one yields 2%, it's making money. That's what we're looking for — companies that are making money in the EV-ICE space. And one of them is Ford."

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