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67. Steele Capital Management

Steele Capital Management

Steele Capital Management, based in Dubuque, IA, is ranked No. 67 on the 2021 CNBC Financial Advisor 100 list. The firm also appeared on last year's FA 100 list.

Total AUM: $2.7B+

Years in Business: 25

Accounts Under Management: 3,926

Previous appearances on FA 100 List: 2 (No. 81 in 2020)


Mike Steele, Chief Executive Officer

Brett Wessels, Chief Investment Officer

Katie Moran, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Brad Lewis, Senior Portfolio Manager

Nick Smith, Senior Portfolio Manager

Chris Boxleiter, Director of Company Sponsored Retirement Plans



788 Main Street, Dubuque, IA 52001

(800) 397-2097

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