McDonald's Plans Third Drive-Thru Window

McDonald's Corp. will add a third drive-thru window to some of its restaurants in an effort to increase speed and efficiency for customers, and minimize complaints about slow service.

The new addition will serve as a second pick-up window, The Chicago Tribune reported via Bloomberg. Currently, drivers order their food at the first window and drive to the second for pick up. Often, however, the order isn't ready in time and drivers are asked to pull into a parking space or designated waiting area. 

McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb said the proposed new window allows customers to pull forward if their order isn't immediately ready. In turn, McComb said they will be able to serve more customers quickly.

The new window is a welcome addition for disgruntled customers, according to the Tribune. Many believe a larger menu makes orders more difficult to put together while slowing down the restaurant's overall service.

McDonald's completes drive-thru orders in 189 seconds on average. This is slower than restaurants like Taco Bell and Wendy's, which take 158 seconds and 134 seconds, respectively.

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