LinkedIn to Automate Job Referrals

In these trying times, there's been a tidal wave of people deciding to try their luck as entrepreneurs and also embracing the LinkedIn way of connecting with employers. For both those people, it looks like the social-networking site is primed to make life a bit easier with a new feature that's finally out of beta.

Referral Engine, if it lives up to its potential could revolutionize the sometimes-awkward process of sticking your neck out for a friend on a job opening. David Hahn, VP of product management at LinkedIn, let fly about Referral Engine at a recent resourcing conference in Europe, and he said it works like this: Companies that utilize Referral Engine and have openings can automatically send messages to LinkedIn contacts with matching profiles or people they know with matching skills.

Then, Hahn, explains, that person can "take action, [and] they can do it in one or two clicks."

You're gonna be clicking anyway, so why not check it out?

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