How to Terminate an Employee in Chicago

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It's a weirdly specific topic, but if you're a boss and thinking of letting someone go, then it's relevant to you, of course.

And as we're in Illinois, there are a fair amount of quirks, kinks and thorns in the laws of firing an employee, which have been helpfully laid out in a Wednesday post on the always excellent Chicago Employment Blog.

It cites specific the rules governing these actions and all the forms it might take, from when to hand over the last paycheck (by the next scheduled pay period, no matter what).

It also covers how to handle a mass layoff, which is grim, but interesting to learn the rules of: "If you have 75 or more full-time employees your business is subject to additional requirements under the Illinois Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. If you’re terminating more than a third of your workforce, you must give 30 days’ advance notice.

If you’re laying off 250 or more workers, you must give 60 days’ notice."

If you're in need of some pointers on this or merely morbidly curious, take a look over at the Chicago Employment Blog

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