How to Get a Developer Excited About Your Web/Mobile App


During my 5+ years as a freelance web developer, I worked with a variety of clients. Some were really exciting to work with and made me excited to work on their project, while others were boring and failed to keep much of my interest.

Over time, I began to notice attributes about certain clients that made them fun to work with. These became the type of clients I sought to work with again and again.

Show your passion for your project

Developers enjoy working with clients who are passionate about their idea and are excited to see it brought to life. They don't want to work with people who could care less what happens to their project and show little day to day interest in what's being built. Let your developer see how excited you are to be building your project, and they'll get excited too.

Demonstrate your existing knowledge

You've researched your idea a ton and you most likely have some solid knowledge on what it is you want to create. Let your developer know this! Developers enjoy working with people who are educated about what they're creating because that signifies a certain level of commitment.

Show your commitment to your project

Developers enjoy working with clients who are serious about and committed to their project. They prefer clients who want to build a solid relationship and aren't going to disappear after three days because they decided weren't serious about their project after all. The more that you are committed to your project, the more that your developer will be excited to work with you.

Tim Jahn is the co-founder and CTO of matchist, the leading matching site for entrepreneurs and startups to find top quality developers.

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