How to Ensure Your Customers Open Your Emails

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is not taking the time to do the common things uncommonly well. Example: writing a sales communication/email.

Most people spend less than a few minutes on the headline or the subject, but this is a surefire way to ensure your email gets tossed into the trash. You have to "sell" someone on opening your email, and that starts with the first thing they see: the subject. Think about your audience. Their inboxes are overcrowded, they are distracted and they are probably thinking about a hundred other things while checking their email. You must grab their attention even before the selling begins.

People will tell you they are short on two things: time and money. They'll also tell you that time is something you can’t make more of.  So, why should someone give you one of their most precious resources -- time -- by stopping to read your email? You have to “sell” them on the benefits of opening your communication, and that starts with the headline.

Here are some take 'n' tweak email headlines you can apply to your own business. They will entice your reader to open your sales communication and will create customers eager to learn more about your offer.

Example 1

“Who Else Wants_____________?”

  • Who else wants to make more money in less time?
  • Who else wants to lose weight while sitting on the couch?

These headlines suggest that there is something out there that the reader wants. It’s all about “keeping up with the Joneses."

Example 2

“How To ______________________”

  • How To Look Like A Swimsuit Model In 10 Days
  • How To Forever Take The Ick Out Of Selling

I use this headline all the time. It’s simple, focused, and gets straight to the point of what you are selling.

Example 3

 “__________ Ways To _________________”

  • 7 Ways To Create Customers Happy To Click Purchase
  • 6 Ways To Lose Weight Eating Pizza

These headlines work because of the number references. It spikes the reader’s curiosity, causing them to want to open the email!

Take these headlines and make them your own. Apply them to your sales communications and grab your customer’s attention. This will ensure that your emails get read, and customers will be eager to purchase from you.

Kendrick Shope is a sales expert and the creator of Authentic Selling. She works with businesses of every size to help them take the “ick” factor out of selling by using engaging conversation and dynamic ideas. You can read more about Authentic Selling and the compelling results it creates at 

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