How to be a Heroic Boss

Amy Guip

Is it better to be feared, loved, or respected if you're the one in your company's throne? There are a lot of different schools of thought, to be sure, but most likely everyone in charge aspires to be remarkable.

A recent piece from Jeff Haden lays out five basic tenets to follow if you want to be the example for which all your employees follow and above all else, respect.

Haden elaborates on each of these in slightly more detail, but here's the short of his shortlist:

1. Develop every employee.
2. Deal with problems immediately.
3. Rescue your worst employee.
4. Serve others, not yourself.
5. Always remember where you came from.

This list could also easily double as a guide to being humble, centered, and generally just a great human being and leader. But it definitely applies to being the head honcho of your own business.

Some of these are a little more no-brainers than others, and it might sound a bit cheesy at times ("Your glory should always be reflected, never direct."), but so be it. It's good advice, and you can check out the elaborations at

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