How to Assure Your Marketing Emails Get Read

An email subject's importance can’t be overstated. It’s what determines if your email is going to be opened or headed for the delete pile. The selling phase starts with your email subject. If you get the subject wrong, it doesn’t matter how well the inside of the communication/email is written because it probably will never be opened. The subject is “the thing” that is going to entice your potential clients to open your latest offer or communication.

Research shows the subject is the single most important factor when someone determines what to do with your email once it hits their inbox. It further shows that a to-the-point subject line as opposed to a quick-witted subject line will get your emails opened more often.

Here are some strategies you can use to make sure that happens. Every word counts when constructing your email subject, and there are some sure fire words that scream Do Not Open.


Very few people want another newsletter or update about your business in their overcrowded inbox. What people want is quality content that can be put to use immediately. Craft your subject lines to reflect the overall benefit your newsletter delivers.


No one is itching to hand over their money, regardless of how good your product or service is. Focus on what the customer can achieve as a result of buying your product of service. Then craft your subject based on that advantage.

“Free Update”

This is similar to using the word "newsletter," and the same reason applies.

The throughline here is you have to get into the mind of your target client. Here’s an easy test: Ask yourself, “Would I open my own company emails based of the subjects you’ve created?"

Another exercise you can try is to look at your current inbox, specifically all the email-marketing campaigns. Which ones grab your attention and make you want to open them? Pay attention to “the thing” that piques your interest to open and read. With a little practice, you will understand what doesn’t work, and more importantly, “the thing” that does.

Kendrick Shope is a sales expert and the creator of Authentic Selling. She works with businesses of every size to help them take the “ick” factor out of selling by using engaging conversation and dynamic ideas. You can read more about Authentic Selling and the compelling results it creates at

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