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Some 4th of July Fireworks Will Be Duds

Many Chicago suburbs can't afford fireworks displays



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    Many Chicago suburbs have had to cut funding on their fireworks displays this year.

    For many Chicago suburbs, this year’s Fourth of July fireworks display is going up in smoke.

    Revenue for fireworks displays is disintegrating for many suburbs, but others refuse to miss the magic in the sky this Independence Day.

    "We realized the economy, the way it was, we needed to probably seek out sponsorships and donations (to help fund our fireworks display)," Kathie Hahn, a spokeswoman for the Park Ridge Park District told the Daily Herald.

    Park Ridge received sponsorship from a Web design company, while other cities have accepted sponsorship from places like McDonald’s.

    Whether they’re receiving donations from residents or combining displays with neighboring suburbs, the show must go on.

    Some areas, like Sleepy Hollow, are mellowing out their shows by either shortening the length or decreasing the number of fireworks, or “wows per minute.”

    "I know people have been happy with (the show) at least the last few years," Wayne Eischen, media coordinator for the Sleepy Hollow Service Club said. "I think we get more bang for our buck with the fireworks."

    But the flame is out for Elburn, Island Lake and Gurnee, who spent an accumulative $59,000 on their firework displays last year. This year, the three suburbs – among many others facing economic hardships – will embrace our country’s anniversary of independence sans fireworks.

    "Economic conditions being as they are, we decided to cancel them for this year,” Elgin city spokeswoman Sue Olafson said. “However, we are reconsidering them for next year."

    But come this July 4, you may not see anything o’er the land of the free.