eBay Turning Into oBay

Obama absurdities go on sale

The 2005 Chrysler 300C once owned by Barack Obama is now drawing bids of more than $100,000 on eBay. It's Blue Book value is $13,500. That puts the value on Obamaness at at least $90,000.

With that kind of profit margin, we expect the following items to make it to eBay soon.

- A fork Obama once used at Dixie Kitchen that has been identified through this videotape. Opening bid: $138.

- A piece of sidewalk in Hyde Park that Obama walked on. Opening bid: $45.

- A piece of chalk once used by Obama as a law instructor at the University of Chicago. Opening bid: $332.

- A urinal from U.S. Cellular Field purportedly used by Obama during a Sox-Twins game. Opening bid: $12,943.

- Ashes from a cigarette Obama smoked standing outside 57th Street Books. Opening bid: $12.

- An East Bank Club towel used by Obama, sweat included. Opening bid: $465.

- A signed campaign contribution check from Tony Rezko. Opening bid: $10,000.

- A piece of toast with the likeness of Obama on it. Opening bid: $500.

- An admission stub from the Museum of Science & Industry from the day he went and got a whole bunch of those plasticky Abe Lincoln head thingies. Opening bid: $52.

- First draft of his 2004 speech to the Democratic National Convention in which he wrote "There are indeed red states and blue states, and one day I will rule them all!" Opening bid: $1.5 million.

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