Get Your Goods Delivered “GrEAn”

Trucking company makes shipping sense for the environment

Do you ever think about the impact the shipping industry has on our environment? Look around next time you are on the highway; there are millions of semi-trucks coughing up enough C02 to put the biggest baddest SUVs to shame!

"The freight trucking industry is responsible for 25 percent of overall transportation emissions in the U.S.," said the president of Bensenville-based EA Logistics, Mike Ellis.

Those are astounding numbers that Ellis wants to reduce. Seems weird, right? A man who makes his living by trucking wants to reduce it? Your response, Mr. Ellis?

"Freight is a necessary and vital part of the economy.  We are advocating that people consider greener alternatives like the Delivered GrEAn program to help reduce their carbon footprint."

So what does it mean to be Delivered GrEAn? (That's an intentional misspelling to highlight EA Logistics' name, Ellis tells us.)

"No idling. That is a rule.  You will not get loaded or unloaded here unless your truck is shut down," he said.

No idling, re-used packing supplies, bio-diesel semis, and purchasing carbon offsets.

"The idea is carbon neutrality, and when you have a business like ours you can't stop emitting.  There isn't tech in the marketplace yet for zero emissions," Ellis said. " We feel the next best thing you can do after you've done the reduction work is used a verified carbon offset to neutralize the carbon that you are emitting."

It is a bold step in a business that could be the farthest thing from green.

"So we are hoping, just by example, to quietly lead the way and show other transportation companies that there are very simple, low-cost -- no cost, even -- things they can do to mitigate their C02."

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