Two Million Cribs Recalled

Most include a troubled design blamed in the deaths of 32 babies

A massive recall that reaches across several brands of baby cribs was announced Thursday morning, encompassing at least two million models.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a full list of the recalled brands and models on their website at

For guidance on what to do if you have one of the affected models in your home now, the following comes from Chicago-based safety group Kids in Danger:

  • If your crib is recalled -- do not use it for one more night -- it has been proven dangerous.
  • Never attempt to fix a crib without instructions and parts from the manufacturer.
  • Use a pack n play (portable crib) for most babies.
  • If your baby is still young enough and not rolling over, use a bassinet and if the child is close to 2, consider putting the crib mattress on the floor until you get the new part (after childproofing their room of course).

But, if your crib isn’t recalled, the CPSC has a new video about what to checkKids in Danger also has information on their website.

If it passes that inspection, continue to use it, but don’t use the dropside function. And when this child outgrows it, don’t pass it along or store it for another child.  Throw it out and make sure someone can’t pick it up and use it.

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