Illinoisans Overpaying ComEd by $189 Million: CUB Analysis - NBC Chicago

Illinoisans Overpaying ComEd by $189 Million: CUB Analysis



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    Illinoisans collectively are overpaying ComEd about $189 million a year, according to a report released Tuesday by the Citizens Utility Board.

    "I think the report we released is good news and bad news," said David Kolata, CUB executive director. "The bad news is it does suggest that a lot of us are overpaying. The good news is by taking very simple steps you can save a lot of money."

    In its report, "Making Every Kilowatt Count," the CUB analyzes its "Energy Saver" program and details steps consumers can take to save money.

    Among hundreds of actions CUB Energy Saver recommends, CUB's report pinpointed the top five consumers chose, along with typical savings from each action:

    • Replace home lights with Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs ($54 a year);
    • Use blinds on summer days ($19 a year);
    • Wash larger loads of dishes ($35 a year);
    • Turn off coffee maker after brewing ($29 a year);
    • Use "smart strips" for plugs ($26 a year).

    The report comes weeks after the Illinois Commerce Commission voted to allow ComEd to begin connecting an additional $158 million.