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What You Said: Consumers Boycott BP Gas



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    LONDON - OCTOBER 26: The Petrol station forecourt for BP, the world's second largest oil company, October 26, 2004 in London, England. The company has reported major profits in the third quarter thanks to to high oil prices. (Photo by Greame Robertson/Getty Images)

    With frustration high, and increasing, over the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, some consumers are taking a stand with their wallets and vowing to not buy BP gas.  

    More than 620,000 people have joined a Facebook group pledging to boycott BP-branded gas.  But many others say such boycotts are counterproductive and only hurt small businesses.

    The perspective from some in Chicago:

    Heather B, Chicago:
    "I take the 'L' and have no car, but I support the boycott. I think we need to minimize reliance on foreign oil. When the smaller business are impacted, it'll start to help on a bigger scale."

    Matt McCalister, Chicago:
    "I try not to get their gas.  I think a big oil company like BP has so much money, a boycott won't give them much trouble.  What we need to do to speed up the process is write our congressmen.  Boycotting won't help."

    Matthieu Guyenet, France:
    "I'm very green, so I think protesting any oil is a good thing.  But it wont have a big impact.  It'll just annoy the small businesses."

    Ssouri Souvanthong, France:
    "It won't have an impact.  It's a good idea, but not practical. Uselss. But hey, at least we're trying."

    Percy Ollie, Chicago:
    "I haven't bought their oil in weeks, I'll go anywhere else. It depends on how big the boycott is, if it's small, then no, but if it's large, then BP will take notice. We need to fix this and get more help."

    Kamiar Vossoughi, Chicago
    "My wife has forbidden me from buying BP gas.  But I know a lot of people who have the same sentiments, and they have to take notice if there are enough of us."

    Alex Kramer, Chicago
    "The public markets are letting them know what we think.  We're trying to punish them significantly financially."

    Rita G, Chicago:
    "I'm not buying the gas at the moment, but a boycott won't help.  It's only a small portion of the company and there are better ways, legal ways, to get the point across.  Contact politicians and get a more direct approach, something from the government."

    Jarilyn Berry, Indiana:
    "I buy BP gas for its convenience and proximity. A boycott is not enough, it won't do anything."