Brown Pops for Wrigley No More

Brown N Out

Singer Chris Brown will have to find another way to double his pleasure now that Wrigley has dropped him as one of their marketing campaign stars.

Only weeks after offering a weak online apology, Brown will have to remove Wrigley spokesman from his expansive résumé.
The R&B singer's future with the gum company has been sticky ever since his very public arrest in February for beating bombshell songstress Rihanna, who was his girlfriend at the time.  Public outrage over Brown's actions followed, and after months of legal dates and speculation, Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault in June, but escaped sentencing the other day.

Before getting into the sticky mess, Brown had been working with the chewing gum company as a spokesperson and even tailored the song "Forever" to help coincide with the company's Doublemint Gum campaign.  The song, which features the classic lyric "double your pleasure, double your fun," spent thirty weeks on the Billboard Top 100 chart and hit number two on the list less than a year before Brown hit his number one.
Wrigley opted to temporarily remove Brown's ad campaign from the airwaves shortly after the arrest but suggested it would chew on its final decision until after the criminal charges had been settled, according to the Sun Times.
Like putting peanut butter on gum caught in hair- or in a giant public image nightmare- Wrigley is now permanently separating themselves from the singer.

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