Ben's Dad Needs a Job

Teen posts YouTube video to land fired father a job

When his dad lost his job recently, Ben Gullett did the only thing he knew: he made a video and posted it on YouTube.

The 14-year old's effort is now getting worldwide attention.

It started as an idea to tell his dad that he still loved him, despite losing his marketing job last week.

Ben was hoping that perhaps someone might see it and offer Mark Gullett a job.

It seems to be working. The e-mails are pouring in, and Ben's dad knows he loves him.

"Within days, the video had an impressive 16,000 hits," the St. Petersburg Times reported. "Hundreds of e-mails poured in. Mark received several job leads and requests for interviews. He doesn't expect to be unemployed for too long.

On Tuesday, Mark drove Ben to school ... In front of all his teenage friends, without fear or shame, (Ben) kissed his dad on the cheek."

Mark, by Ben
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