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Sexiest CEOs? Chicago's Got Two names two Chicago-based women to "Sexiest CEO" list



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    Kerry Knee and Julie Smolyansky -- two sexy CEOs!

    There's a sexiest list for just about everything these days, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that has released a list of the Top 10 Sexiest CEOs.

    It also shouldn't be a surprise that two Chicago-based CEOs are on the list -- Julie Smolyansky of Lifeway Foods and Kerry Knee of Flirty Girl Fitness. says it was inspired to compile the list after recent reports showed that the Fortune 500 now includes more women CEOs than ever before.

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    Knee runs the West Loop fitness facility that offers a women's only experience that can feel as much like hanging out at a nightclub than at a gym.

    She wasn't even aware the list had been public when contacted by Tuesday morning. She has been approached by the magazine before asking if she'd pose, but this was the only way she was having it.

    "It's very business-like. I'm wearing a suit -- not your typical type of Playboy, but it's fun to be included," Knee said.

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    Knee hopes the publicity helps spread the message they preach at Flirty Girl Fitness.

    "I think confidence is one of the sexiest things a woman can have, and women gain an enormous amount of self-confidence when they come to Flirty Girl, because nobody ever teaches you how to be sexy. Everybody always expects you to already know these things," Knee said.