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Schick "Trim" Topiary Oh-So Subtle

Schick Quattro for Women ad is cutting edge -- not!



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    The topiary is a recurring image in Schick's commercial.

    Deeply involved in a recent episode of "Lost," some may have missed a cutting-edge commercial brought to our attention by The Windy Citizen.

    It's about a razor Schick is marketing for women. The product is no regular razor, apparently. It has a trim feature.

    As the Windy Citizen post points out, you have to watch the commercial to determine what trimming is suggested.

    Addtionally, the attached link allows access to a UK commercial that could rock your world a bit.  That item, featuring a Guiness commercial and titled "Now I’m on a Commercial Kick. (Slightly NSFW)" is yet another example of how less uptight Europeans are than Americans about sex and nudity. 

    Be forewarned, it may make you ... thirsty.