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McDonald's Considers Delaying McRib Launch

The popular sandwich returns a little later this year



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    Where's the McRib? Fans of McDonald's cult-fave sandwich will need to wait a little longer this year.

    The Oak Brook-based company has delayed the McRib's launch until late December as part of a strategy to parlay the sandwich's popularity into a year-end sales surge. Word of the delay came from a memo from McDonald's Operators National Advertising Fund obtained by Ad Age.

    The fast-food giant usually brings back the McRib in October and November, but the company had a tough year as ingredient prices keep rising in the struggling economy.

    According to Ad Age, the company hopes the later launch will drive up sales to meet last year's successful December numbers.

    A McDonald's spokeswoman told the publication she could not comment on leaked information.

    McDonald's announced last week that it would start prominently posting calorie counts on menus ahead of a federal requirement that could force the issue next year.