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Rutherford Wants To Be State Treasurer

Republican opposes income tax increase



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    Dan Rutherford is an Illinois state senator from Chenoa.

    Illinois Sen. Dan Rutherford has announced he's running for state treasurer and he says now isn't the time for Illinois to be considering an income tax increase.

    Rutherford, a Republican from Chenoa, says Illinois first needs to see how the economy does after Gov. Pat Quinn signs a capital construction bill. The bill is supposed to create jobs.

    Speaking in Chicago on Monday, Rutherford said he will run for treasurer no matter what incumbent Democrat Alexi Giannoulias does.

    Giannoulias has said that he wanted to run for the U.S. Senate to replace Roland Burris, who has opted not to run for a full term.

    Rutherford has run for statewide office before. He lost an election for secretary of state against incumbent Jesse White in 2006.