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Hef's Kinda Town

What might happen with Playboy HQ back in Chicago



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    Soon to be hanging out at the Billy Goat.

    "Playboy Magazine is moving back to Chicago with a new editorial director after a six-year stint in New York failed to rejuvenate its sagging circulation," the Tribune reports.

    We expect the impact to be immediate.

    - Hef's new wives will be the Grabowski triplets.

    - March pictorial cover: "The Girls of Ukranian Village!"

    - Ordinance introduced to ban foie gras made from bunnies.

    - Billy Dec refuses to be Hef's wingman, but John Cusack steps in.

    - Northwestern Memorial Hospital opens new Hefner Plastic Surgery Clinic upon receiving a generous donation.

    - Chicagoans under 35 ask "What's Playboy?"

    - Mayor Daley, desperate for revenue, extends amusement tax to Playboy readers.

    - Playboy to sell a "to-go" version on Chicago newsstands.

    - Cubs record in day games plummets.

    - Rock and Roll McDonald's torn down for new Playboy Mansion after Zell's Trib Tower offer rejected.

    - In a new partnership, centerfolds also to appear in the Sun-Times.

    - Miss October added to Cubs playoff roster for luck.