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Forget Classifieds, Try the Street Corner

Creative exec finds job helping others find jobs



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    One laid-off executive finally found a job by thinking outside the box.

    When one unlucky executive got laid off last year, he took his job search to the streets. Literally.

    After a year of looking for work without any success, Ricky Sean Sease, 32, stood on a street corner in the Loop this past October, holding a billboard that read "Seeking Opportunities," "Resumes Available," and "I need a job." Many pedestrians commended him for actively (and creatively) looking for work rather than just begging for a handout.

    During one of Sease's walks down Michigan Avenue, a Leap Career recruiter noticed his binder full of resumes and took one.

    Sease now has a job with Leap Career, which, funnily enough, is a retained executive search firm that matches employees to companies.

    "I'm in a blessed position to help a lot of people right now," Sease said, via the Sun-Times.

    Sease is eager to help anyone looking for work and encourages them to call him at 219-882-1779, or e-mail him at