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Forbes: Chicago is the 12th Coolest City

Houston scored number one in the list that ranked 65 cities for entertainment, recreation, and unemployment, among more



    Chicago's temperatures may be through the roof recently, but that doesn't keep the city itself from being downright cool.

    Chicago scored 12th coolest city to live in out of 65 possible metropolitan areas in a survey released Thursday by Forbes.

    Houston, Texas took the top spot in the list that ranked the cities based on seven distinct data points. The data points, all weighed evenly, included aspects like the city's entertainment options per capita, local eateries and bars, recreation options, and number of pro and college sports teams, along with Census data such as unemployment rates and net migration since 2011.

    So what puts the Chic in Chicago?

    According to the survey, the Windy City scored high in both the Arts and Culture Index and the Entertainment Index, scoring 99 on each. Where the city lacks according to the survey is in its 8.4 percent unemployment rate and negative net migration of about 21,000 people away from the city in the last year.

    The top twelve cities, in order, are:

    • 1. Houston, Texas
    • 2. Washington, D.C.
    • 3. Los Angeles, Calif.
    • 4. Dallas, Texas
    • 5. Seattle, Wash.
    • 6. San Diego, Calif.
    • 7. Boston, Mass.
    • 8. Orange County, Calif.
    • 9. San Francisco, Calif.
    • 10. New York, N.Y.
    • 11. San Antonio, Texas
    • 12. Chicago, Ill.

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