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The Career Path Less Traveled

Open yourself to unfamiliar careers



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    When a door shuts, a window opens. Don't jump.

    There are a lot of people right now looking to take their careers in a new direction, especially those who worked in industries that have seen heavy job losses.

    The experts at say anyone looking to make a career change in this economy has to keep some key things in mind.

    1. Keep an open mind: When a door shuts, a window opens.  On sites like, you can take a free career planning test that recommends areas of employment that are best suited for interests.  You may find something you may not have thought of before.

    2.Asses and Compare Skills: Make a list of your current skill set.  In addition to specific functions, make sure to include intangibles such as leadership skills or motivational skills.  Then, look at a variety of job postings to see how your skill set measures up to the job requirements.

    3. Look to Industries That Are Hiring:  Even in the midst of today’s economic crisis, there are still areas that are hiring – healthcare, sales, technology, government, education.  You can find a variety of opportunities in all of these areas.

    4. Start Networking Now: Talk to people who are in the roles you are interested in; find out about their daily responsibilities and challenges, what they enjoy most about the jobs, steps they took to get there.  Reach out to friends, family, former colleagues, vendors, etc who may be able to refer you and get connected with industry groups online through social networking sites. 

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