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Cats And Dogs Take Flight

Southwest announces pet friendly fares



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    It's time to ask Milo where he wants to go for your next trip...because he might be coming with you.

    Anybody allergic to cats and dogs may want to get their flying out of the way now.

    Southwest Airlines announced Friday it will soon allow passengers to bring their reasonably sized cats and dogs right in the cabin for a small fee.

    Starting June 1, for flights no earlier than June 17, flyers on Southwest will be able to purchase- or rather purrrr-chase- tickets for their pets for $75 per flight. 

    The policy change the airline is calling PAWS (Pets Are Welcome on Southwest) is one that came after much discussion with customers and employees, according to Southwest's Web site, and the deal is one Southwest hopes pet lovers will instantly lap up.

    Southwest's decision to let your furry friend on board comes in conjunction with a number of other changes, including bumping the fee for a third bag or an overweight bag from $25 to $50.  The airline is adding a fee of $25 each way for its Unaccompanied Minor service.

    As part of the PAWS plan, any ticketed pet passengers brought on the flight must be kept in a carrier that fits under a standard airline seat, and in addition to the $75 fee to bring the pet on the flight in the first place, the carrier will also serve as the passenger's carry on item.

    For anyone who thinks that's a - rough - policy, Southwest noted on their Web site that they remain among a small list of airlines that still does not charge passengers for their first checked two bags.

    Southwest is placing a five pet maximum per flight, so to avoid any cat fights at the ticket counter, you may want to reserve your pet's spot in advance. 

    And remember, if you do bring a pet on the flight, please continue to remain careful while exiting the plane.  The contents of your pet's irritability may have shifted during the flight.

    Southwest is encouraging anyone interested in flying with their pets and the airline's other new changes to check out their blog.