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Bob Rohrman: His Car's a Deal, His Wife's a Steal?

Auto dealer accuses plastic surgeon of stealing his wife



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    I'll get that guy one way or another.

    Bob Rohrman is one of Illinois' and Indiana's most recognized auto dealers, thanks to his TV ads and "Bob ROOOHHHRRR-man" signoff.

    Now he's using his public popularity for more private matters.

    Rohrman issued a news release Wednesday announcing his DuPage County lawsuit against Dr. Sami Bittar, a plastic surgeon with offices in Chicago and La Grange. The auto dealer is accusing the doctor of stealing his wife's affections.

    "We were very happily married for at least 4, 4 ½ years until I found out about this," said Rohrman.

    Rohrman and Ronda Kay, 76 and 46 respectively, were married in December 2002 in Kauai, Hawaii.

    According to the lawsuit, in April 2008, 53-year-old Bittar began buying Ronda expensive gifts, taking her on dates, and having "sexual relations with Ronda on multiple occasions and in multiple locations."

    Rohrman filed for divorce in June 2008 in Indiana, but the couple remained together for several months. Then Ronda filed her own divorce petition in April 2009 in DuPage County, accusing her husband of "mental cruelty."

    Bittar, who had been married for 23 years, was faced with divorce papers from his wife as well.

    Rohrman filed his "alienation of affection" suit last week.

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    "My wife's meretricious affair with the doctor came as a great surprise to me, and I have no doubt it was initiated and facilitated by Dr. Bittar," said Rohrman. "It is with much regret that I was forced to exert my legal rights against the doctor, but his pursuit of my wife and alienation of her affection for me was more than I would tolerate."

    Rohrman is seeking more than $50,000 in the lawsuit.

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