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Aldi Confirms Exposure of Shoppers' Data

Statement released confirms customers at risk



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    The grocery chain Aldi says the names, account numbers and secret codes of customers in 11 different states have been exposed to potential theft.

    Payment terminals were illegally altered with and placed at various Aldi stores between June 1 and August 31. 

    An Aldi spokeswoman declined to give details about the case but the Chicago Tribune is reporting that over 200 people were affected who shopped at the Aldi store in Wheeling.  Law Officials were notified of hundreds of cases of unauthorized withdrawls ranging from $100 to $900 from accounts of people who shopped at the store, according to the paper. 

    St. Charles police say they have had 32 reports of debit card fraud from Aldi shoppers.

    Aldi has more than 1,100 stores throughout 31 states in the U.S.

    In a second statement Aldi released, they said they believe all of the machines that were tampered with have been removed.