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Ad-ed Memories

If only 5-8-8-2-300 were the secret code we're all looking for



    Groupon Records a 3Q Loss
    Sing it with me ... 5-8-8-2-300 Empire.

    There are certain things that could only be had while growing up in Chicago.

    And if you grew up in Chicago in the 80s and 90s, a local blogger -- known to us only as Pete -- has compiled some added memories for your media-filled mind.

    In many cases, it'll only take a note or two of these jingles to bring you right back to those wasted hours you spent in front of the TV, when life was simpler, and so were you.

    Check out these Chicago-centric commercials -- from car dealerships to pizza to that ever-present carpet guy -- and laugh your way down Memory Lane with Pete.